CMPR Outdoors Areas of Expertise

CMPR Outdoors is a division of CMPR, a sports and entertainment Publicity and Marketing Agency based in Los Angeles. CMPR Outdoors specialized in PR and marketing for the outdoor industry with an emphasis companies that cater to the tactical / military clientele.  This industry demands a PR and Marketing team that knows about and uses their products in daily life.  Our VP of CMPR Outdoors has served on a recon team with the 82nd Airborne division and has first hand knowledge of the end users needs that our clientele work with.

CMPR Outdoors is a full-service PR agency that manages media outreach, creates content, manages and executes all event logistics. CMPR Outdoors can also work with an in house marketing department to maximize media exposure thought effective T&E placement, content distribution, and strategic ad placement.

CMPR Event Services

CMPR Outdoors is a full service PR and marketing firm that can manage all your public relations and marketing needs.  We consider public relations to be anything that the public sees or perceives in relation to your brand. So in essence PR is an all encompassing image management that includes marketing, media coverage, message communication, and crises management.

  • Press releases
  • Media outreach
  • Product launches
  • Video production
  • Crises Management
CMPR Outdoors has the ability to shoot and edit product videos as well as produce professional product photography.  Video and photography can be very expensive and time consuming.  We can travel and film in studio or remote locations and produce content that can be use online or in other promotional mediums.  Our video and photo capabilities are part of our normal PR and marketing services to save your company time and money.

  • Video Production
  • Product Photography
  • Web / print copy writing and editing
CMPR writes and distributed 40 – 50 Press releases a year.  We put our press releases out to our own industry specific media lists, premium news wire services such as PR Newswire, Tactical Wire, and other niche press wire services.  Its one thing to write a great press release but distributing and getting media to actually pick up  is something else. Our relationships and experience with the media ensure your press releases will get picked up and delivered to your target audience.

  • Draft press releases
  • Distribute press releases
  • Media follow-up
Media Strategy encompasses long term planning in relation to how we time our media placements, ad buys, social media outreach, and communicate with the media and consumers in general.  Everything that we intent the public to see, needs to fit into an overall image branding plan in order to keep your brand moving in our intended direction.  Organized communication with your consumer base is key to your long term brand image.

  • Media Strategy
  • Ad placement
  • Social media outreach
  • Media outreach
  • Content distribution
To get good editorial placement we use our strong relationships with the industry publication editors and writers.  The timing and placement of specific content us a huge part of our media and branding strategy. We work hard to create win win relationships with industry media to ensure our media friends are getting what they need and in turn we can get some additional coverage that we need. People under estimate the importance of having strong media relationships when it comes to editorial placement.  Getting good editorial placement to coincide with your purchased advertisement amplifies the effectiveness of your advertisement and brand awareness.

  • Strategic editorial placement
  • Media relationships
  • Directed content
effective product releases are the most important aspect to the success of your company and the sales of your product.  CMPR has managed countless product  releases through multiple industries over the past 10 years.  Product releases are much more then issuing a press release out to the media and posting a few photos on Facebook.  Product releases are a choreographed dance that need to be synchronized among all marketing mediums and delivered to the consumer.  We bring all or our industry relationships and experience to create the perfect product release that ensures the success of your product launch.

  • Synchronized media outreach
  • Product launch parties
  • Press conferences
  • Market research

Why Choose Us

      • We cater our services for any size budget
      • We work as part of your team to create your vision
      • We have a proven track record of staying on budget
      • We negotiate ad buys so you don’t have to
      • We have extensive outreach to celebrities and media